Hillcreek Studio, Asheville, NC

A full service recording retreat


studioHillcreek Studio was built inside a huge barn. It is a building inside of a building, applying the best acoustic principles for current standards of recording.

Once inside the rustic barn, the unique look and feel at Hillcreek Studio is that of being in another world. With no parallel walls and swooping ceilings, the rooms built around the old barn posts with 20 inch exterior walls assure no bleed. instrumentsThe beautiful one of a kind soundproofing and baffling custom built by Jeremy Davis, are completely versatile, mobile works of art. The entire facility is custom constructed with thought and detail for acoustic purpose and comfort with aesthetic appointment.

Our goal at Hillcreek is to insure a personal, co-creative exploration of the artist’s project.guitars Our intention is to maximize your, natural performance. Hillcreek’s relaxed setting nurtures the creative process w

hile offering the best of todays industry standard in sound recording. Comfortable and affordable, with many practical options, Hillcreek Studio is a rewarding experience for everyone who visits and all of us who work here. We at Hillcreek look forward to recording your music your way and giving it back to you.

Our gear