Hillcreek Studio, Asheville, NC

A full service recording retreat


Music came to Russell like a bolt of lightening and the spellbound adolescent never looked back or doubted his destiny. Though times were tough growing up, there was a guiding light at the end of the tunnel that beckoned with a sweet sound. Russell is no stranger to hard work and he knew he'd see plenty of it to fulfill his dreams. Russell managed to get himself enrolled in pretigious Full Sail, Real World Education - Recording Arts program. Working and going to school is no easy task at Full Sail. The labs are all hours of the day and night and require a flexible schedule.

After graduation the days were filled with plenty of sound related odd jobs including live sound and lighting for horror plays with the Epitath Label, and loads of hands on remote recording in the SanDeigo scene.

Home sick for his country roots and country music he returned to the Asheville area and made ends meet installing home theater systems. One day a friend who knew he was itching to get back to some real sound work insisted he come with him to check out a new Asheville area studio. The rest is history for Russell.

Since arriving at Hillcreek he has found the beginning of his happy ending. He arrived just as new upgrades were being installed and saw the opportunity to set up a system of patchbays to enable faster interfacing at the control level. Now at the top of the crew in a splendid studio, the sky's the limit. Sound, technology has landed in seriously innovative hands.
His humorous feel for songwriting with his alt-country band, Blue Jeans and Khaki Pants, has found a new vehicle. Check out Russell's music on the samples page.

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