Hillcreek Studio, Asheville, NC

A full service recording retreat


Asheville native Loren Hord is Hillcreek's assistant engineer. With years of experience in the eclectic Asheville music scene, he brings a wealth of diversity into the studio. He is a mathematician and a gear-head whose perfect sense of timing and application at the control level make Loren's talents invaluable to the recording process. Loren has worked with metal bands Sledge, and Built to Fall, industrial projects, Claybourne's Dead and Lice, rappers Bobby Seay and Munch, Americana jam band, Jolt Wagon, country music legends, Blue Jeans and Khaki Pants, and blues-jazz fusion, Between the Seams. Loren has learned how to balance artistic integrity with pop sensibility. As a career long engineer and producer, Loren brings a unique technical point of view to every session at Hillcreek.

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