Hillcreek Studio, Asheville, NC

A full service recording retreat


Sherry has been playing music since she was 7 years old. Brought up with her mother’s upright piano in her bedroom, there was no escaping the role that music would play in her life. When the folk era of the 60’s came to town, she learned the guitar and songwriting became an obsession.

After moving to Asheville, her musical career blossomed with the New Wave experimental movement of the 80’s. Always looking for the offbeat, her career in music naturally turned toward the avant-garde. Her first band was a family entourage called Froggy and the Frenchfries. Everybody was a guitar player, and it became obvious immediately that Sherry would return to the keyboard. The budding synth era was wildly large. Having always loved the cerebral groups of the 70’s, Sherry went crazy for the new electronic sounds. Froggy and the Frenchfries rocked the budding Asheville scene for 5 years recording Sherry’s award winning song, Robot Lover. Then a group of women from 5 separate bands playing with men got together to form Asheville’s most memorable and envied group. The all women group dubbed themselves the “Crimes of Fashion”. The gals rocked the town every week and every major event until the late 1980’s with their originals and a wild eclectic mix of songs related to women’s issues. Everyone in Asheville can tell you where they were on some special night the Fashion Criminals were gigging about dressed in their outrageous costumes.

As often happens, the performer becomes the producer. The 90’s were a teeth cutting, production experience for Sherry including coordinating the entertainment for Asheville’s Bele Chere Festival, the First Night Asheville Festival, the Haywood Arts Festival, and stage managing many other events. She continues to play, write and perform with her latest incarnation, Basic Anatomy.

In 2000 She started building Hillcreek Studio. It has been a true labor of love and a dream of a lifetime reward. Now the good times are rolling and the studio is bursting with growth and opportunity.

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