Hillcreek Studio, Asheville, NC

A full service recording retreat

Refresh your senses in one of nature’s sanctuary locations - the Blue Ridges of barnAsheville, North Carolina. Asheville is an old center of health and rejuvenation that dates back to prerevolutionary times as a place for natural healing and spiritual connections.

Hillcreek Studio is a full service recording retreat offering the best in state of the art recording processes, application, and soul healing amenities.

Our practical, camp like, atmosphere, is a welcome respite in today’s market. Our accommodations are immaculate. micsYou are guaranteed to have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Enjoy Blue Ridge Mountain vistas, private swimming, organic gardens, seclusion and anonymity, with affordable rates and exceptional network capabilities. Many options are available at Hillcreek Studio’s unique setting. Pets are welcome - we are bonded and insured - we have 3 separate and private accommodations on 25 acres with room to spare. Situated on the hill, beside Hominy Creek. mixerHillcreek Studio is 15 minutes from downtown Asheville 85 miles from Charlotte 50 miles from Greenville, SC 250 miles from Atlanta 300 miles from Charleston, SC.

Bring your engineers, producers, musicians, and entourage for your long range projects, special applications, new ideas, and otherwise practical recording needs. Catch up with yourself, clarify and evolve. Let us know how we can help.